Recreation Academy, Grades 4 to 9

Experience a New Adventure Every Week!

Located in Sister Alphonse Academy, Recreation Academy helps students keep physically active and promotes a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it provides a fun and convenient way to learn new sports, supports long-term athletic development and helps kids develop and expand their physical abilities.

Our Recreation Academy involves students in a number of recreational/athletic activities at the grade 4-9 levels. Students leave school at lunch twice a week and venture off site with our enthusiastic and skilled teachers to experience the best recreation venues in the area! 

Registration for Rec Academy happens centrally by emailing Jocelyn at Albert Lacombe School at Jocelyn will let you know if there is room in your child's grade level to register! 


REGISTRATION Information for 2024-25 Year


Sister Alphonse REC

SAA - Rec. Academy

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Rec. Academy Program Details for 2023/24

Grade 4 - 9 - Two days a week in the afternoon, leaving the school at approximately 12:40pm and returning at approximately 2:58pm.

Possible activities include:

Archery, Athletics, Bowling, Billiards, Paddling, Cross Fit, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Golf, Hiking, Kick Boxing, Lacrosse, Pilates, Rugby, Rock Climbing, Skating, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Table Tennis, Tennis, Water Polo, Water-ski and Wakeboard, Yoga and Snowboarding.

What is a Recreation Academy?
The Recreation Academy is an alternative program providing students with the opportunity to enhance their activity experiences during the school day. Using numerous adventurous indoor and outdoor activities students will be able to experience activity in a variety of settings that will enhance physical literacy and promote life long healthy living.

Who can attend? Do I have to live in the attendance area?
Any grade 4 to 9 student passionate about active living. Priority will be given to students who live within our attendance boundary and are residents of our School District. Where space and resources permit we may be able to welcome students who reside outside of our school boundary. 

Is there a fee and what is it?

Grade 4 - 9 - A deposit of $320.00, with an additional $160.00/month.

This fee will cover all programming costs, transportation and non certified instruction. The fee will also cover some clothing the athletes receive.

How Many Students in a Recreation Academy Class? 

Generally, we can register up to 25 students in a class. Registration is not complete until all forms and payment have been made. Space is limited so we suggest that students register early to reserve a spot.

Do I have to be physically fit?
Student athletes registering for this program should be passionate and excited about trying a variety of activity from rock climbing to scuba diving and everything in between.

Can I register for the Academy if I'm not currently at a District School?
Any student can register for the Rec. Academy, if they register they have to also register at Sister Alphonse Academy. We accept students of all faiths. Priority will be given to students who live within our attendance boundary and are residents of our School District. Where space and resources permit we may be able to accept students who reside outside of our school boundary. 

Will I miss out on Dynamic Option or Complimentary Option Choices if I enrol in Rec. Academy? No, the schedule is designed to allow students to participate in our options as well as be a part of the Rec. Academy. Students who enrol in Recreation Academy will not participate in the Physical Education program at the school level and will be assessed on curricular outcomes in Physical Education through the Rec. Academy program.

What happens if I get injured and can't participate the whole year?
Fees are paid on a monthly basis, if an injury is long term and prevents a student from participating monthly fees will be refunded on a per month basis.

Is there busing to the school?
Sister Alphonse Academy will offer bussing to students who live within our school attendance area and outside of the walk boundary. In some cases students who live outside of our school attendance area may be able to access busing. In these cases a cross boundary fee would be collected. Parents are advised to call the transportation department of Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools at 780-459-7711 for more information.

** Please be advised that program times, offerings and groupings can change due to enrolment and resources.** 

Questions specific to Recreation Academy?
Please contact:

Mrs. Tina McKinnon

Recreation Academy Teacher

Sister Alphonse Academy

Phone: 780-809-2996


Mr. Geoff Giacobbo,

Recreation Academy Coordinator
Phone: 780-459-4478