Administration Message

Administration Message

Welcome to Sister Alphonse Academy!  We are excited and honored with the privilege to welcome new children and their families to our beautiful, new school. Our vibrant Academy culture prepares students for the 21st Century by awakening the hearts and minds of students while educating and nurturing each to learn, live fully, and serve others.

The four quadrants of the Academy shield on our school logo represent the mental, physical, social and spiritual gifts to be encouraged and developed. They exemplify our goal to educate and develop the uniqueness of each student through abundant curricular and co-curricular programs in a safe and engaging learning environment. At the heart of the shield is our belief that we are guided by the light and spirit of Christ.

We look to models such as our namesake Sister Alphonse to provide us with the timeless qualities of outstanding educators. Their example will be used by our staff and students to be relationship builders, learners, collaborators, leaders and innovators.

Utilizing best practices and strategic use of tools and technology, our students develop the foundational skills and qualities necessary for the future. Our K-9 learning community provides abundant leadership and mentoring opportunities. Our Learning Framework's goal is to provide multiple pathways to Deep Learning opportunities. Student choice and voice provide broader opportunities for increased student engagement all with the goal of acquiring the Super Skills of 21st Century Education:  Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication.

Our website provides more information about staff, programs, registration, bell times, School Council, etc. Call us to arrange for a tour of our facility. Please call if you have questions or require more information about our Academy.

Yours in education,

Mr. Don Hinks                  Mrs. Cindy Phillips

Principal                          Vice Principal