Catholic Faith

FAITH GOAL: At Sister Alphonse Academy we will be “Growing In Love” by learning how to be curious and wonder driven, while trusting in God’s plan for each of us.

We respect students as gifts from God and welcome students from all religious backgrounds who wish to participate in a Catholic school environment. In St. Albert, religious education is compulsory in grades K-12. Prayer is an integral part of our environment. Many parents of non-Catholic Christian denominations, or no particular faith, are very satisfied with our programs. All are welcome! 

A commitment to a Christ-centered education is reflected in our district's schools. The uniqueness of our Catholic tradition has been integrated into the curriculum and is evident in the spirit of our schools. Further to this, the namesake of our school, Sister Alphonse, has a historical connection to the District and to the Catholic faith. She was the first teacher at the St. Albert Mission.

Our school district continues to provide a heritage of excellence rooted in and centered on the gospel. In this environment, an individual can develop his/her potential to the maximum. This development includes:

  • Christian Attitudes
  • Liturgical Formation
  • Academic Skills
  • Service Opportunities
  • Basic Knowledge

In our schools, faith is more than a subject. It is an experience lived out, and shared in community. f you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact: Colin Loiselle, Religious Education Consultant | 780-459-7711 

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