Our Namesake

Namesake - Sister Alphonse

This Sister of Charity of Montreal (Grey Nun) was the first teacher at the St. Albert Mission, and accompanied the Oblates in tending to the needs of our first community. Sister Alphonse served the Mission at the age of 23 and was remembered by the Grey Nuns as being “jovial, resourceful; a real sunshine for somber days.” She focused on connecting with First Nations communities by learning the Cree language. She also spent time using her gifts as a seamstress to help the entire community. Sister Alphonse made clothes, knitted, and made straw hats to create income for the first St. Albert Community.

Sister Alphonse and all the Sisters of Charity of Montreal (Grey Nuns) legacy has spanned more than 150 years. Their tradition of excellence, leadership and innovation will serve as models for the staff and students of S.A.A.