Sponsor Deep Learning Opportunities at SAA

One of our goals at Sister Alphonse Academy is to provide authentic learning opportunities for our students which we believe can lead to Deep Learning and Conceptual Understanding. Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 734 believes that the formation of educational partnerships or sponsorships with individuals, businesses, or community partners provides an opportunity for educators to work collaboratively with the community in an effort to support learning and growth opportunities for students in the District. Thus principals may work with partners or sponsors with the intention of assisting students with ongoing activities and/or events while ensuring that the primary goal for the partner or sponsor is to provide valuable resources. 

Our school is looking for individuals, businesses, or community partners that would be willing to assist/sponsor some of the costs associated with providing our students with these incredible learning opportunities. Ou staff has already applied and been accepted for some activities for next year but they are costly. These costs could include transportation and or registration costs. Our District Administrative Procedures allow for some public recognition of sponsors via newsletters, banners, etc. If we have individuals, businesses or community partners that would like to discuss this opportunity please call Mr. Lamer at SAA at your earliest convenience.

We would like to thank our current SAA Field Trip Fund Sponsors for their generous contributions: