Open House 2020/21


You are most welcome to join us for our 2020/21 School Open House. Find out more about
- Kindergarten
- Recreation Academy
- Dynamic Options 4-6
- SAA Learning Framework
- Benefits of K-9 Learning Environment


6:20 pm - Welcome to SAA. Take a few minutes to walk around the school and meet some of our staff.

6:30 pm - Welcome to SAA Presentation

Please be seated in the Gymnasium. Find out some general information about SAA from school administration and students.

6:55 - to 8:00 pm - This is your time to wander around the school. Visit classrooms, speak with staff or attend some sessions about some of our programs. Speak with school administration, meet representatives from School Council and other parents from our school. 

Small Group Program Sessions

7:00 pm - Room 1004 - All About Kindergarten( Mrs. Shmyr and Mrs. Kleparchuk will provide you with information about our kindergarten program at SAA) 25 minutes

7:20 pm - Gym - Recreation Academy(Mrs. McKinnon will provide you with information about our very popular Recreation Academy at SAA. Find out about activities, schedule, costs, etc.) 25 minutes

Interested in registering? Mrs. Despins will be ready to take down some general information so that you can receive a SNAP CODE which will allow you to go online and submit a registration form. At this time Sister Alphonse Academy welcomes and expects to be able to accept students from outside our attendance boundary for the 2020/21 school year.

**Submitting a registration form does not grant acceptance. A registration is not considered complete until reviewed and then approved by the school Principal**